Amba Bhuvan

The owner of this residence is a mechanical engineer who spends most of his time working with metal. Wanting a break from this routine, he decided upon wood as the key material for the new interiors. Taking a cue from his requirement, we have given this residence a minimalistic yet stunning décor.

Design Connect

The residence signifies harmony in design as the spaces are connected visually and aesthetically. Spread over 5,000 sq.ft. the residence comprises of the living room, courtyard, bedrooms, entertainment room and bathrooms.

The living room was required to be cozy and welcoming. The undulating ceiling design adds edginess to the room while a set of wooden hanging blocks divided in nine parts helps scale down the volume of the overhang. The air-conditioning unit in aesthetically camouflaged as part of the design.

The living area extends up to the courtyard. The opening towards the courtyard uses fixed clear glass, white floor is covered with carpet grass. There are also three centrally placed champa trees along with a pitara, which is the client’s ancestral asset. Small wooden balconies with miniature flowering plants provide visual pleasure. One of the walls flaunts a vertical garden with wooden planters while the wire mesh is camouflaged in its inner body.